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Split, Croatia: a great destination for tourists

Split, a city situated on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, is one of the best hidden treasures of Europe. While people are aware of the existence of places such as Dubrovnik, an incredibly beautiful town best known for its culture and architecture, Split is its seaside resort alternative. It has multiple amazing beaches and is the biggest city on the Adriatic Coast, which is why it has also managed to become a popular tourist attraction, especially in the past years. This is also due to the development of infrastructure: although few people know, The Split Airport, located in Kaštela, is the second largest airport in Croatia as far as the number of passengers is concerned. For this reason, millions of tourists are able to visit this beautiful place, annually. If you are also interested in spending your holiday here, then you should collaborate with a dedicated agency, such as Mayer Charter, and prepare everything in advance.


Your itinerary may be quite rich, so plan carefully if you do not want to miss the most important attractions. Taking into consideration that the region has been under Roman, Venetian, Austrian, French, Italian and Yugoslav control, you can imagine the huge cultural diversity you are likely to experience here. Whether you want to get a glimpse of the Italian people or a bit of French cousin, during Split excursions you will be able to get exactly what you want. The fortresslike complex center named the Diocletian’s Palace will immediately take your breath away. What is actually really impressive about this construction is that it has been designed and built in the 4th century by the Roman emperor, although its complexity may make this had to believe. Initially, the building was called a Palace since it was the main retirement residence of the Diocletian family, and it has managed to maintain its name until today. At the moment, the 200 buildings, courtyards and galleries that are still standing host plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and cathedrals. Besides the abundant and diversified culture landmarks, the city is also remarkable due to its wonderful landscapes. A number of beaches await you in this incredible region, and you may be surprised to discover that they are considered some of the best beaches in Europe. You can book a Blue Cave tour from Split, and wander around on some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the Adriatic Sea. A boat trip is a genuine foray in the aquatic world of this area. The small island Bisevo, where the Blue Cave is located, will amaze you with its unique landforms, vivid colors and fairy tale views.


As you can see, Split is a great destination for any type of tourist. So whether you prefer to discover new cultures, explore architectural monuments or just lie on the beach, this place is the ideal choice for a dreamy vacation. Do not hesitate: get in touch with a travel agent, create your itinerary and pack your luggage!

Barcelona training camp – the perfect trip for students

If you want to organize a trip for your students, then there could not be a better destination than Barcelona. With so many things to see and do, Barcelona will offer your students an unforgettable and fulfilling foreign experience. A training camp will allow the classroom to enjoy numerous interactive activities and at the same time to discover the local academic activities. This type of group trip will combine fun moments with educational ones, which is the main purpose of every extracurricular activity.


A variety of sports and tournaments

A training camp is the ideal way to allow your student to increase their athletic capabilities and to be trained by professional coaches. A träningsläger will give them the opportunity to discover new possibilities and interact with foreign people. There are numerous sport activities to choose from; this way, your classroom will be able to pick the sport the enjoy most. Either football training, basketball or tennis and swimming sessions, the variety of sports put at your students’ disposal is ideal to meet everyone’s desires. A training camp will help the students escape their usual routine and surpass the usual monotonous training habits. They will face challenges and they will meet new people, who enjoy the same sport as them. Besides training, one can also participate in tournaments. You can organize matches with Spanish teams and give them the chance to experience some exciting moments together. Your classroom will be able to reach their athletic goals and increase their achievements. This can be a great opportunity to discover themselves and to step out of the ordinary.


Academic experiences, fun and relaxation

A school trip includes everything, from visiting important Barcelona attractions to discovering Spanish academics. Regardless of age, every single person will fully enjoy spending a week or two in this wonderful location. The city of Barcelona has so many things to offer, that you will need to elaborate a clear activity plan. Even though attending academic and Spanish classes will be the main focus of the klassresor, you need to allow your students to discover the marvelous attractions found in Barcelona. Combining educational activities with more exciting ones should be your main concern. Make a list of all important attractions, such as Casa Mila, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art or Sagrada Familia. After vising the most significant places, you can allow your student to have a little fun as well. Barcelona has one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Besides training, everybody should try out other entertaining activates, such as driving an ATV or hiking. If you want everything to be perfectly organized, what you need to do is find a professional group organizer and let him take care of every detail. From accommodation options to transportation, there are many aspects that need to being taken care of. This is the main reason, why hiring a professional team, such as Adventures Barcelona, is more than necessary. They will make sure you and your students will have a unique experience without any inconveniences.

Why group travel is a wise choice

Many of you when think of holiday have in mind a trip with your family or with some of your friends, but you do not take into consideration having a group trip. You might think that you will spend time with persons you do not know too well, and that some of them might not share your hobbies, but when being in a foreign country you will be amazed to see how people well get along even if they have never met before. In addition, you have the possibility to bring your close friends, they can bring their friends, and in this way, you will organize an amazing group trip. The hardest thing is to decide upon the location, but when you have an offer like Spain, Barcelona at your choice, you will not refuse it, and you can be sure that they will do the same.


The great think about gruppresor is that it is cost effective, so you will be impressed to see how much you will reduce your travel expenses. You will share money for transportation, accommodation and food. Also, when you book tickets for a group, airlines hotels and resorts offer great discounts. These travels are a great opportunity to bond with your friends, you will have to share the experiences and adventures with them, and this will make your trip a memorable one. In addition, you can create new friendships, considering that there will be some new persons. When you travel with a group, you can decide together your activities, so if you enjoy sport you can have a little träningsläger fotboll, which will allow you to have a lot of fun. The chances of becoming a victim of pickpockets or getting lost are minimum when travelling with a group.


When going in a group trip you do not have to be the one that spends time on planning every aspect of it, because there are many agencies that offer you a full plan of your activities. They take care to include activities for everyone, and you might discover that you like to do some things you never had the chance to try. Agencies like adventures barcelona offer you multiple options when you decide to have a group travel. These agencies will eliminate the stress of planning itineraries, because they will offer you some options and you will choose the one that suits the desires of your group. In addition, they offer you a local guide, who also knows an international language, so you will not have to worry that you will not be able to talk with the locals. Do not worry about transportation systems, because when travelling in groups you can rent your own car. This helps you avoid travelling on long distances with persons that do not share the same interests as you do. The key factor that influences your trip is to travel with a group that likes the same things as you do, so make sure that your friends’ friends accept your hobbies and you accept theirs.

Enjoy a safari tour in Southern Africa

If you want to live a unique traveling experience, then the Southern part of Africa is definitely the ideal destination for you. Whether you are fascinated by exotic species, rich vegetation and unaltered landscapes, you will find all these in the countries from this region. If you ask somebody who has visited this part of the continent, they will tell you that “diversity” is the perfect word to describe it. At each step, you will discover something new about this land, its culture and its history: there is a lot of variety, a certain contrast and sometimes even a small conflict between the views, and this is what makes Africa really special. The safari is a resourceful mix of traditionalism, color and life, while the locals will impress you with their creeds, customs, language and culture. If you are willing to see the most beautiful spectacle of life, then you should use the services of Crossland Etnia and book a tour in the South African safari. Besides the amazing culture, people and wildlife, you will also have the change to explore unique geological formations and experience regional climates.


Tanzania is maybe the most popular safari country in Southern Africa, and annually, people from all around the world come here to see the unspoiled spectacle of rich flora and fauna. It is often said that the region is “a world in one country”, and this will be proven to you as soon as you step on its ground. Safari Tanzania is quite impressive: an area of about one million square kilometers that stretchs from the Great Lakes region to the foot of Kilimanjaro, inhabited by a number of species (lions, cheetahs, elephants, and many others). The slopes of Kilimanjaro will charm you from the first moment, as well as the legendary wildebeest migration that takes place once a year. If you are lucky enough to visit the area at the right time, you will definitely witness one of the largest life spectacles in the world. Billions of animals start their journey from northern or southern Serengeti, depending on the season, looking for food and better weather conditions. Besides the great migration, which represents a true attraction for tourists, Tanzania as multiple natural reservations (most of them are UNESCO heritages), among which 14 natural parks and 16 forest reserves, 2 marina parks and many small islands.


The Botswana safari should also be on your “to do” list when it comes to exploring the Southern countries of Africa. The wildlife diversity is amazing, and almost a fifth of Botswana’s area is dedicated to natural protection of the environment. You can start by seeing the Chobe National park, then go on a guided trip to Moremi Game Reserve and visit oasis in the Kalahari Desert. There, you will have the chance to see some of the greatest animals alive in Africa, such as giraffes, lions and elephants, in their natural habitat. In addition to this, the simplicity of accommodations and facilities will allow you to enjoy the full contact with nature and forget about contemporaneity.

A safari in Kenya – the trip of a lifetime

Those who have a sense of adventure and are always looking for destinations where they can enjoy nature and form unforgettable memories should definitely put Kenya on their list. While an African safari might not seem like a good idea to everyone, if you are looking for a truly beautiful and unique place, this is definitely the place for you. The main attraction of a safari is the prospect of seeing the animals in their natural habitat, noticing their behaviors and witnessing incredible scenes.


Professional tour operators can organize for anyone the perfect viaggio Sud Africa or Kenya that includes everything needed to have a perfect time. Many of those who have joined this adventure have returned with unforgettable memories. The fact that you get to see animals that you would normally on see in a zoo is incredible. Those who are lucky may even see them in action when they are hunting or playing, thus making their experience even better. Of course, part of taking a trip to Kenya or South Africa is getting to know its people and experiencing their lifestyle as well. As with any other trip, you will be immersed in the local culture and take part in various activities that will delight your soul and make you fall in love with everything you see.


Those who worry about the safari in Kenya prezzi can rest assured that when they collaborate with the right tour operator, they can enjoy special offers and affordable rates. Even though a safari in Kenya will be more expensive than a trip to the nearest beach, the investment will definitely be worth it, because you will have the chance to experience new things and take part in new adventures. When you are tired of the crowds and noises back home and you are looking for some peace and quiet, a safari could be just what you needed to recharge your batteries and forget about the stress and problems at home. This will be an entirely new experience that will certainly allow you to gain a new perspective over life and appreciate everything you have back home. Safaris are a wonderful travel idea for both young people looking for a new adventure as well as mature tourists who want to explore the world and see everything there is out there.


To conclude, when you are prepared to explore a new part of the world, experience new things and make unforgettable memories, a safari in Kenya is exactly what you needed. With the help of agencies such as Etnia Travel Concept, you can always count on enjoying every moment of your holiday. Kenya is the perfect choice for a safari and has become very popular over the last few years as more and more people are delighted by their experience in this country and recommend it as an adventure destination for all those looking for a new experience. So book your safari trip right away because you will make memories that will last for a lifetime.

The great appeal of escorts in London

A trip to London can be an exquisite experience, as this is one city that has it all: history, culture, great architecture, amazing restaurants, exciting entertainment opportunities and hugely fun bars and pubs. Whatever you’re looking for, you can certainly find it in London and if you’re unlucky enough to have to travel there just for work, then the least you can do is make the most of every free minute you have, even though that may only be valid during the evenings and nights. Because this is a reality for many businessmen, travelling to exciting cities like London on their own, escorting services have started to have a great appeal, providing men with a convenient solution to an obnoxious problem. Therefore, escorts in London have become quite popular among businessmen, but not only, and there are numerous and various online directories where one can find a suitable fit.

A match made in heaven

Obviously, a date with an escort in London will not be about meeting your soulmate, but it can definitely be a match made in heaven for the night if you know where to look. As said, there are plenty of online directories offering such services, but you need to select the best one, a good example in that direction being, where you can find exclusive profiles and a great variety of options. Look for well-established platforms, preferably with several years of operating within the industry, as this shows consistency and professionalism. New platforms can very well be scams, but deep-rooted directories will offer you the best of services. After selecting the online directory, make sure you browse through the profiles carefully, as today the variety of ladies providing escorting services can be overwhelming. If you want to have the time of your life in London, then you need to find an escort that will dazzle you in every way.

Check out the reviews

The online environment has made it easier for people not only to find the products and services they need, but also to access information about these products and services. The same is valid for escorts in London too and it won’t be very tricky to find reviews of escort services or directories. You might not be able to find a review for a specific escort, although people have proven to be a lot more open to sharing their experiences since the online environment offers anonymity, but you’ll certainly be able to find reviews of escort directories, which will help you significantly with your selection process.

All things taken into account, if you’re travelling to London and you want to make the most of your trip and exploring of the city, then it might help to experience it with someone beside you and the fact that you’ve travelled alone should not stop you. An escorting service can offer you a fun, smart and enticing companion for your evenings in London and if you pay a little attention to selecting the agency and the escort, you’ll get a memorable experience.

How to select a NY escort for a corporate event

It is a known fact that escort services today are used on a large scale and even at the highest levels. There are plenty of occasions or circumstances in which one would resort to a NY escort service, from bachelor parties and nights out to travels and even corporate events, the kind of affairs that one’s never supposed to show up unaccompanied. However, you don’t choose a companion for a corporate party or event the same way you would for a wild night out on the town, because these NY escorts must be very well mannered and experienced in this type of gatherings. To that extent, if you need a date to a fancy business party or corporate event and have no one in sight, then you need to learn how to differentiate among different escorting services, such as, and how to choose the right one for you.

Choosing the provider

As with any other selection or choice that you have to make, choosing a NY escort for a corporate event requires some research and the first thing you need to search for is the right agency or directory. The escorting industry has shifted from regular agencies to online directories, as the Internet has become people’s first stop for virtually everything. To that extent, standard agencies have been replaced with online directories, which is where you should focus your search anyway. Nevertheless, there are tons of online directories for NY escorts and you should carefully browse through them, not in the sense of looking at pretty images, but in the sense of trying to find out more about the directory, how legit it is , how long has it been operating within the industry and so on.

Selecting an escort

Even if you found a good, well-established directory, you still need to put some thought into selecting your NY escort for the night. As mentioned above, these corporate events can be quite fancy, so you need someone who not only looks good, but actually fits within the crowd. Therefore, it might be a wise idea to take your time and read through the profiles of the girls. There are online directories that allow for extended profile pages and, believe it or not, that profile page can tell you a lot about the person. Their pictures are also quite good indications of whether they would make a good choice for a corporate event.

Double-check your results

After you found what you think to be a good directory and a lovely escort to accompany you at a corporate party, it might be wise to try and see if others have solicited these services before and what their experience was. You can search for online reviews of NY escorts, as many people today are not at all embarrassed or ashamed to share their experiences, especially as the online environment provides them with anonymity. So, look your escort of choice up and see if she’s ever been to such an event before and how that went.

Planning groups trips in a professional manner

Going on a fun and amusing journey in thrilling Barcelona together with your friends can be a memorable experience. However, few tourists can honestly say that they have been part of such trip. If you want to be the exception to the rule, perhaps that you might be willing to take under consideration a different approach. A trip amongst friends is nothing but an event and as all events it should be treated professionally. Here is an idea you ought to seriously consider. Why not hire a destination management company? It might sound a bit extreme to contact an actual event management company in order to plan your trip, but it is worth it, in all honesty. The moment you arrive at the destination point you realize that the extra precaution measures that you have taken were indeed worthwhile. In order to make everything clear, here are a few things worth mentioning about partners of this kind.


There are plenty of individuals that have decided to let the planning of all group trips fall into the hands of experts, especially if these will take place across borders. Barcelona is the ideal place to enjoy a few days off together with your friends or extended family. It is that complete destination, having a bit of everything. It has sports, great food, culture and of course music. The relaxed atmosphere so specific to Barcelona must be one of one of the main reasons for which tourists in such a large number choose to visit this amazing city. Coming back to the topic, it is true that people have started collaborating with top event management companies, when it comes to planning Barcelona group trips. Before starting to search the market for the right partner you have to think, together with your friends of course, of the type of trip you are expecting. Are you looking for adventure? Perhaps a sightseeing trip might suit you better? It is really up to you, but it is crucial to contact the event management company once you have done your homework and know what to ask for.


After completing this step, you will start your collaboration, of course assuming that you have previously searched the market and decided on a particular company. Together with the staff working there, you will disclose your expectations regarding the trip. The company will provide you with the following services: hotel accommodation, airport transfers, meals, city transport and of course fun activities. Throughout the actual planning of the trip, your expectations as well a budget will be adequately considered. It would be preferable to collaborate with a company that is specialized in the destination you are planning to visit. This way, all the hidden pleasures and fun activities will be disclosed, allowing you to get better acquainted with the destination, in a more complete way than you had imagined. If this idea appeals you, then do consider the following suggestion. Adventures Barcelona is a dedicated company, specialized in group traveling, ready to provide clients with highly professional services.

The steps towards the perfect Mauritius holiday

Who doesn’t dream about seeing the beautiful Mauritius beaches or the clear waters of the Indian Ocean? If you have the opportunity to visit this amazing island, then you need to prepare every detail to be absolutely sure that the experience will be truly memorable. The occasion of spending time in Mauritius might not come again soon, so make the best now, when the opportunity presents itself. What matters most in all holidays is accommodation, as it is pretty much the only thing you can control. Here are the steps you need to take to make sure that your Mauritius vacation is exactly how you have dreamed it.


First, you need to decide what kind of a holiday you are interested in. Given the unique beauty of this location, a suggestion might be to forget all about those five stars hotels and go for something different, like one of the many house rentals Mauritius is ready to offer you. This idea will add a touch of personality to your trip, making it truly memorable. If this is the direction you are going for, then you need to find a trustworthy company that can help you find the perfect Mauritius holiday house. This is actually step two of your vacation plan. You might be surprised to discover that you have a lot of options. There are plenty of companies out there willing to help you find what you are looking for in terms of holiday houses. Unfortunately, not all will live up to expectations and this might be a problem. Always work with reputable companies that value their clients and bring forward a wide range of options. For instance, if your dream is to wake up and the first thing you see to be the blue ocean, the company you will dealing with has to be able to fulfill this dream by offering you several beach villa Mauritius options. Therefore, the perfect accommodation can only be found when deciding to collaborate with real experts, so make sure you properly identify them.


Step three of your perfect holiday plan is to make sure that you are in fact offered with all necessary services, everything from cleaning to catering. When staying in hotels, you can enjoy various services. However, you can enjoy the same comfort even when deciding to rent a beautiful beach villa. Usually, it is the same company that has handled the property rental that can help you in this matter as well. Still, it is up to you to see whether or not this is the case and if it is possible, name the services you are interested in. You might want catering and cleaning services, as well as car and boat rental. Think of the activities you would like to do when in Mauritius and try to make them happen. is a dedicated company that fits in with the profile perfectly and that will help you plan the ideal trip to wonderful Mauritius. With a wide range of rental properties and services, this company will most likely fulfill your each and every demand.

Plan the perfect honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius is acclaimed to be a Paradise Island unveiling numerous romantic places to visit such as ethereal white beaches and unbelievable blue waters, making it the perfect spot for newlyweds. Honeymoons should be a combination between sweet private time that will create unforgettable memories you will keep forever with yourself and exciting adventures you can share with others and tell your kids and grandkids about when growing older. This is another reason why Mauritius is considered an ideal place for honeymoons, because it offers couples the opportunity to grow closer by experiencing many things together. Besides the romantic escapades to blue lagoons, unspoiled beaches, exquisite hotels and coral islets, you can also try out water sports and have a good time in bars and clubs brimming with tourists and locals.


What is more, you can rent a villa in Mauritius to ensure that your stay will be as intimate as possible. Renting a villa is also a way of pampering, because you can include services such as a private cook and maid, not to mention a masseuse and chauffer that will take care of everything you need and make you stay as relaxing and pleasant as possible. You will find plenty of villas in Mauritius to rent, but make sure to choose your location carefully to ensure you will have all the benefits including a stunning view and a quiet time just for the two of you.


A honeymoon in Mauritius would be incomplete without a romantic stroll and a candle-light dinner on the beach. Mauritius has plenty of unpopulated exotic beaches you can use for this purpose and the experience will be magnificent, as if there is only the two of you in the world. Another thing you need to keep in mind when going on your honeymoon is that you will feel the need to spend your time with your partner and you will find others quite annoying. This need for as much private time as possible is only natural, so make sure you are your own master during this holiday. Rent a villa from and you will not need to worry about anything. You will be able to make your own program and ask your chef to cook whatever you want when you want it, not to mention that you can also ask your chauffeur to drive you around instead of waiting for the bus.


The most common mistake people make when booking accommodation for their honeymoon is that they choose a very luxurious hotel and think they will have the time of their life, but other guests can ruin that sweet dream. If some naughty kids have the room opposite or next to yours, you will no longer wish to spend your time together admiring the view until noon, because the hustle and bustle will definitely ruin the mood. Renting a villa will solve these problems, because they are generally situated along the beach at a considerably distance from other villas or resorts.